Our brands

Joyre Group started out our very first beauty and wellness outlet in 2005 at a neighbourhood shop house in Bishan. Since then, we have grown to have outlets island wide and developed an outstanding portfolio of popular brands in various shopping malls and neighbourhoods – Syoujin, Healing Touch, Joyre Skin Care, Joyre TCMedi Spa – all providing the most innovative TCM ,aesthetics, and wellness therapy. Besides our niche in services, we have expanded to offering wellness training programs, medical aesthetic services, confinement centre and scientifically formulated beauty and wellness products.


Pioneer in integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern spa treatments and beauty aesthetics services while adopting advanced technology.


We exist to fuel confidence by helping people look better and feel better with affordable aesthetics. Our healthcare professionals are here with you every step of the way.


Adopting Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs and integrating facial treatments with modern technology.


Embodying the quality and standards of Japanese craftsmanship, integrating the wisdom of TCM in holistic services.


Founded by a group of professionals from beauty and wellness, JL Institution has a team of highly dedicated and experienced trainers providing training for holistic education in healthcare.


Pioneering advancements in health, energy, and vitality through superior-grade supplements. Products developed by the company in consultation with scientists from Singapore and the US.


Besides providing TCM Pediatric Care, Baoma’s prenatal and postnatal care helps mothers to recharge and restore body conditions after birth.


Operated by a team of dedicated healthcare and postpartum care professionals, Rejoy Suites is a postnatal confinement centre. With 24/7 postal care by medical doctors, trained nurses, lactation specialists, and TCM physicians.




Well-known for signature treatments in acne scar removal, non-surgical thread lift and pigmentation removal, Aesteem strives with the goal of minimising pain and downtime.


One stop destination for all interior design solutions. YREL Creative provides industry standard solutions across offices, homes and commercial spaces.

YREL Creative


Healing Touch offers award winning body massage, slimming and facial treatments with the underlying emphasis on holistic wellness.


Operated by a team of delicate beauty industry professionals. At Kallos beauty, we aim to be the voice of beauty products that advocate beauty and confidence for everyone.



Swiss Skincare expert, unlocking the code to beautiful healthy skin. Pioneering Switzerland’s medical grade skincare and anti-aging therapy. Joyre Group is the sole distributor of Skincode in Singapore.